Combined Inspections

You can save time and money by booking a building inspection and pest inspection at the same time with House Inspections Shepparton. We will send two inspectors to your property to complete the same thorough building inspection and pest and termite inspection that we always offer, at one low rate.

Our chief inspector is a Registered Builder as well as a qualified building inspector, so you can rest assured that your combined inspection is in the most capable hands.

Our inspectors will meticulously check over every part of your property for any signs of current pest infestations as well as any indicators or warning signs of potential future infestations. These areas include:

• Roof void, where poor ventilation and moisture can attract pests and termites
• Underneath the floors, especially beneath wet areas of the home
• Interior of the home, where mould or leakage can indicate a high level of moisture in your home
• Exterior of your property, including pipes, boundary fences and raised garden beds, all of which can be breeding grounds for pesky pests.

We will examine all woodwork throughout your home using thermal imaging and moisture reading technologies, to ensure your pest and termite inspection is as thorough as possible.

We will also thoroughly inspect the following areas to ensure your home does not contain any hidden defects or risk factors:

• House interior, where the floors, walls, doors, drainage pipes, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and windows can often harbour unseen defects
• Boundary area and any outbuildings, driveways and paths within the property boundaries
• Beneath the floor, where we will examine all the building’s foundations as well as the level of ventilation and the presence of termite caps beneath your home
• Internal and external roof areas, including tiling, chimneys, guttering, flashings, framing, insulation and wiring
• Building exterior including external walls, doors, window frames and any outdoor living areas
• Electrical fittings, to ensure that they are correctly and safely installed

Once this combined inspection is complete, we will send you a clear and detailed report including coloured photographs outlining exactly what we have noted about your property. Our building and pest inspectors are always happy to take your calls to clarify any further questions you have about your property.

All of our building inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 and all of our pest and termite inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3.

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